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Taking Time for You

You have likely heard about the importance of self-care. It has become a huge movement meant to encourage taking care of ourselves on every level: physically, mentally, and emotionally. Taking time to emphasize that you matter is a great exercise for creating a well-balanced and more fulfilling life. There are so many ways to create self-care moments. For example, at Camelot Place, our apartments in Saginaw feature amenities that encourage residents to relax and unwind close to home. If you want to learn a few tips for making self-care more of a priority, read on for some of our top ideas!

Physical Self-Care Ideas

This category is super diverse and includes both expected and unexpected items to show your body some love. Here are a few things you can do physically to practice self-care:
*Go for a daily or weekly walk
*Lift weights while you enjoy a favorite TV show or movie
*Try a morning cup of tea instead of coffee for some extra antioxidants and other health boosters
*Go for a manicure or pedicure or take time to do one at home
*Go for a massage or use a massage tool to release some tension in your back, shoulders, etc.
*Treat your skin well with some exfoliating, cleansing, and hydrating products
*Prioritize healthy sleep with a consistent bedtime, weighted blankets, or reduced screen time before bed
*Do a pantry/cabinet cleanse to get rid of the junk and bring in some healthy snacking alternatives

Mental Self-Care Ideas

Mental self-care can feel harder to nail down, but really it’s just a way to give your mind a break or to refocus it on something else and give it a sense of renewal. Here are a few ideas for mental self-care:
*Step away from screens for the day because they can over-stimulate us and leave us drained
*Give yourself a clear cut-off time for work by setting an alarm or turning off notifications after hours
*Try learning something new that is an enjoyable challenge, like drawing or fishing
*Take a yoga or meditation class to turn your brain off for a second and just center on some breathing and/or stretching
Take time to volunteer somewhere local because it will give you a break from the whirlwind of thoughts about your own needs/problems and make you feel more connected to your community

Emotional Self-Care Ideas

This can often be the most difficult kind of self-care to tackle because it may not always feel pleasant in the moment but will bring you peace in the long run. Here are some ideas to get you started:
*Take the time to write about the bad and the good from your day so that you can start to let go of the negativity and remember the positivity
*Give yourself the gift of time by setting aside a particular amount of time or even a particular day that is just for you to do whatever
*Learn the power of “no” when it comes to social plans so you don’t end up overbooked and drained week after week
*Find a breathing exercise you can do easily so when stress/anxiety hits, you have a quick way to confront it and calm down
*Let yourself enjoy some emotional release in whatever way you need, like watching something that makes you cry, laugh, or even dance
*Make your own mantra and refer to it daily
*Find a support group to join (in-person or virtual) to give you a safe space to share without any expectations or judgment

Do you want to find Saginaw, MI apartments for rent that make self-care an easy priority? Come and visit us at Camelot Place. Our community has diverse amenities that make it simple to put yourself first. For some physical self-care, you can visit the indoor heated pool, sauna, putting green, or spa. You can also enjoy some mindful time at the sundeck or playful time at the dog park. When you’re ready to learn more, give us a call at (844)-717-8907.