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Make Your Storage Work for You

If you live in an apartment, you may find yourself struggling to figure out how to store everything you own. Sometimes you get lucky and have extra storage as part of your space. At Camelot Place, our apartments in Saginaw include access to storage units. But if you still need some help, read on for tips on making your own extra storage space.

#1: Clever Containers

There are thousands upon thousands of container options out there, and many of them are designed to maximize your storage space. You can invest in one of these systems, like an ottoman with storage or under-bed rolling storage. However, there are shortcuts you can take to make it even more cost-effective. Visit a local thrift store or secondhand store and head to the home decor area. Check out some of the baskets and old suitcases they have. You may be thinking, “I don’t want my space to look dated.” But never fear! Grab yourself a couple of cans of spray paint and a dropcloth, and you can make those baskets and suitcases look like new. You could put one by your sofa for blanket storage, you could stack the suitcases for a fun end table or book case and keep your off-season clothes or shoes inside.

#2: Shelf/Desk/Table

Sometimes the best space-saver isn’t another storage area or container but a piece of furniture that serves more than one purpose. This is where the humble shelf comes in handy! Start with a deep floating shelf and you can end with a piece that serves 3 purposes. If you set it at a good desk height, it works as a desk, but you can also place it next to a sofa to become an end table and shelf. The trick is to get the height right before you hang it and also to make sure it has enough depth to serve as a functional desk when you need it. Twelve inches is a good fit for most laptops, and you can adjust the length to suit your needs. Another pro-tip is to find a used shelf you can use, a reclaimed piece of wood, or even lumber and hanging brackets from the hardware store. The possibilities are endless!

#3: Double-Duty Dresser

If you’re not too handy and could really use some extra drawer-space, this is the tip for you! It all starts with a dresser. Pick one that fits what you want to store. For example, if you’re thinking of smaller items, choose a dresser with multiple smaller drawers. If you’re thinking of storing larger items like extra linens, shoes, etc. then go for a dresser with big, deep drawers. Now comes the trick part: don’t put the dresser in your bedroom. Instead, use it out in your living space. There are a couple of ways this will work to save you space and actually give you another functional furniture piece. First, you could use it as a TV console. It will have ready-to-go storage for your remotes and spare cords. Second, you could use it as a decorative shelving area near your entryway. And last but not least, you can place it near your kitchen to serve as an extra prep area, a coffee area, or even open storage for your glasses and dishes to save precious pantry space. Pro tip: this is another great item to thrift or find used online from a local seller. Then you can sand and stain or paint it to fit your own personal style.

#4: Pegboard Perfection

Pegboard may have you thinking of the tool area in a garage, but it’s actually a very useful tool for some indoor storage and decorating. First, you can adjust the size easily to fit the space you need. Next, you can personalize it with some paint and fun hardware. Finally, it’s completely customizable and adjustable. Grab some fun and funky hooks to go in the peg spots and you can hang everything from hats and gloves to pots and pans and make it look cohesive with the rest of your space.

#5: Keep It Rolling

To do this DIY hack, you can start with any basic bookshelf and simply add some wheels. That’s it! Another option is to look for a new or used bar cart. There are even some nice gardening shelves on wheels that will work. Once you have your base, now you can fill it with anything that you may need sometimes but want to tuck away when it’s not in use. It could be your rolling library or the perfect spot for your mug collection. It can hold office supplies and get tucked into a spare corner in the coat closet until you need it. It can even get rolled out when you’re hosting a dinner party to give guests an extra place to set their plates and glasses or to display some appetizers. You can get super creative with your base and start with something used, too, or even build it from scratch with upcycled shelves that you build into a cart.

If you’ve tried every storage hack imaginable and still struggle with space, come see the ample floor plans and storage units available at Camelot Place. Our apartments for rent in Saginaw, MI have everything you need and more. Residents enjoy top-quality amenities like an indoor heated pool, dog park, and fitness center. Call to schedule your tour: (844)-717-8907