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Making the Most of Your Apartment Floor Plan

It can be tempting to panic when you move ibnto a new apartment. how will you find spacer for everything? If you're lucky, you'll already have space-saving amenities like the ones at Camelot Place Apartments in Saginaw. But in case you don't, here are some quick tips to make sure every space is used to your advantage!

#1: Go Vertical

Buying tall furniture pieces has quite a few benefits. First, they draw up the eye up, which makes your space feel taller. Second, they take up less floor space because all of their bulk is going up instead of across. Finally, a taller piece often means more storage space. That makes tall things winners all around! Here are a few examples:
Funky geometric bookshelf
Tall and skinny floor vase
Floor lamp with shelves

#2: Reflect on Things

Mirrors can play tricks on the eyes, and they do that very well in smaller places. Adding a mirror reflects space and gives the illusion of more room. You can use mirrors as-is or you can get creative and make a collage of mirrors. Pro tip! Place your mirror in a place where it all reflect something neutral or open, like a hallway or cream sofa. If you reflect a fuller space, the mirror may not work as well and just make things look more crowded. Here are a some mirrors to consider:
Rustic rectangular mirror
Hexagonal mirror set
Assymetrical wavy-edge mirror

#3: Long Legs

This is fun trick you can do with clever furniture choices. If you choose furniture with long, straight legs, you do two tricks at once. First, you add the illusoin of more height by keeping a strong vertical line. Second, you keep more of the floor visible, so your room looks less full and/or cluttered. these slender lines can be used with your couch legs, desk, and chairs. Here are some ideas:
Retro-style loveseat with golden legs
Mid-century modern desk
Swivel accent chair with faux leather

#4: Keep It Light

A clever way to make space feel more open is to focus on light, bright colors. keeping a bright but neutral palette in your home will keep things looking fresh and also calm. Incorporating actual light is another way to make a sopace feel bigger. Then the light can bounce off your furniture and create an event more stisfying experience.Pro tip!
if you're having trouble coming up with a cohesive palette on your own, visit a hardware store and check out the paint swatches. Many paint brands put together coordinating colors for you so you don't have to do any guesswork. And you pick out furniture and accessories. Here are some light and bright options to explore:
Persian-style rug in muted colors
White and gold wall art
Modern industrial wall sconces

#5: Multipurpose Pieces

Furniture is already an investment, so why not maximizing your investment by choosing furniture that is a multipurpose? There are many cleverly desgned furniture pieces that include some extra storage. Here are just a few many space-saving options you can try:
Studded, tuffed ottoman with hinged lid
Coffee table with a lifting top and storage compartment
kitchen cart with drawers, tabletop conversion, and stools

Still struggling to find the space you need in an apartment home? Come and visit Camelot Place! We have apartments for rent in Saginaw, MI that include space-saving amenities. We have on-site laundry facilities so you can avoid the epxense and space of wash/dryer. We have a fitness facility so you can save on expensive and largegym equipment, And we also offer storage units. Scheduke a tour today: 844-717-8907.