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Organizing Shoes and Closets

Closets are notorious for becoming overburdened with stuff, even stuff that doesn’t belong there. It’s all too easy to throw something in and close the door. But then you create a bigger problem when it’s time to find something you need. Where did your favorite pair of shoes go? Where is that new blouse you bought a week ago? A great way to solve the problem is to start with the right space, like the spacious closets at Camelot Place. Our apartments for rent in Saginaw, MI feature floor plans with excellent storage. Need a few ideas to keep that space from going to waste? Check out these tips!

#1: Sort It Out

You’ll never have an organized closet if you don’t know what all is in it. So step one is to pull absolutely everything out and into a more open space. After that, you’ll have a clearer idea of what you have and what you need to store. This is also an ideal time to get rid of some extras you’ve been holding onto. A good rule of thumb is to eliminate anything that you can’t remember using in the last year. If you have a hard time keeping track of what you’ve used, there’s a quick trick. Put all your hangers on your rods backward on a day you’ll remember, like New Year’s Day or a birthday. The next time that day rolls around, anything that’s still backward hasn’t been used in a full year. You can do the same thing with shoes by pointing each shoe opposite of its mate, with hats by putting them upside down, etc. Now you have everything ready to put into categories.

#2: Make Clear Categories

Another big danger with closets is filling them up with things that don’t make sense together. Should your blender really be on your closet shelf? Starting with clear categories will literally clear things up. There are a few ways to create categories. It all depends on what kinds of clothing you wear on a regular basis. A simple way to organize is by starting with two or three broad categories, like casual, work, and formal. After that, break down those categories into subcategories like tops, bottoms, skirts, dresses, etc. If you want to get really specific, you can even sort your tops by sleeveless, short-sleeves, and long sleeves and do similar things with other subcategories. This will both organize your closet and save you time when you get ready because you’ll know right away what section to go to.

#3: Use Organizing Tools

Things stay organized when you have the tools to keep them that way. There are all kinds of tools you can invest in, but here are a few common and/or popular options:
Accessory hangers–keeps your necklaces, ties, scarves, belts, etc. from becoming a tangled mess
Shelves/drawers–they attach to the clothing rods in your closet, making it easy to organize odd items like linens, bulky sweaters, socks, etc.
Stackable bins–great for organizing seasonal items, like hats, scarves, gloves, jackets, etc.; consider ones with clear windows or label spots to make it easy to figure out what’s inside
Closet organizer sets–you can skip individual items and buy a set all at once

#4: Shoes, Shoes, Shoes

One of the biggest offenders for closet clutter is shoes. They are an awkward shape, take up a lot of space, and are easy to just throw on the floor. It can be tempting to leave them lingering around doorways, too, especially if they got wet or muddy while you were out. Here are some tools specifically for keeping your shoes out of your way:
Classic over-the door shoe organizer
Clear, stackable shoe boxes
Underbed shoe storage
Entryway shoe storage bench
Boot rack(perfect for your entry to hold muddy, wet, boots)

Start your organizing with an ideal space in an ideal place! Camelot Place has ample floor plans, including 3 bedroom apartments, all in beautiful Saginaw, MI. Our 3-bedroom layout includes a master bedroom with two closets, including a walk-in closet. Call today to set up a tour and see for yourself! (989)-623-4153.