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Top Saginaw Restaurants
If you are sitting in your Saginaw, MI apartment wondering what to eat, then look no further! This quick list will give you 10 dining choices to visit near downtown, from casual to upscale.

#1: Bringer Inn (4.6 stars)
If you want a classic diner experience, then Bringer Inn is the place for you. It has no-fuss, easygoing diner fare for you and your family or friends. Some menu staples include meatloaf and country-fried steak.

#2: Fuzzy’s Restaurant (4.5 stars)
Fuzzy’s Restaurant is a great place to find cute and cozy. It’s in a fun, old, black-and-white building. Their menu features American fare like burgers and sandwiches, but a special highlight for this hotspot is their ice cream.

#3: Put a Fork In Me Downtown (4.8 stars)
When you get that craving, Put a Fork In Me is waiting with some crunchy, top-notch wings. They have their own signature sauce, and you can add on a side of flavor-packed Cajun fries. You can also try their Joli burger, topped off with steak and cheese sauce.

#4: Fralia’s (4.8 stars)
One word: sandwiches. That is Fralia’s specialty, and they offer a huge range of options. One of their unique features is vegetarian options. If you don’t like one of their own creations, then you can also build your own!

#5: Valerie’s Downtown (4.9 stars)
Valerie’s Downtown is the perfect lunch stop. They feature sandwiches, salads, and soups in a setting with a vintage-modern feel. When the weather gets warmer, they also have outdoor seating in an alley that features a colorful mural.

#6: Pasong’s Cafe (4.6 stars)
You can get your Asian food fix at Pasong’s Cafe. Their menu includes a variety of dishes, including curry dishes, pho, and pad thai. You can also start your meal with some spring rolls or hot and sour soup.

#7: Liquid Lounge (4.3 stars)
For a fun and funky food and bar experience, check out Liquid Lounge. Their menu is unique because it features every kind of slider imaginable. This lets you mix and match all kinds of flavors and polish it off with a salad, fries, or tater tots.

#8: The BoardRoom (4.5 stars)
If you’re looking for a casual, upscale experience, then check out The BoardRoom. They have a pared-down menu that focuses on high-quality, classic flavors. Perfect for a special night out.

#9: Jake’s Old City Grill (4.4 stars)
Jake’s Old City Grill is finer dining but not too fancy. Their menu has a strong selection of seafood and steak, or you can go for full surf-and-turf. They also have pasta, burgers, and some vegetarian options.

#10: Artisan Urban Bistro (4.7 stars)
When you want a fine dining experience but a menu that everyone can enjoy, you should visit Artisan Urban Bistro. They have a menu that features locally-sourced ingredients when possible, and the menu will change with the seasons to give you a new experience.

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