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Go for a Visit
If you’re looking for a new apartment, chances are you want to find the right place and find it fast. It can be tempting to rely just on pictures or word of mouth, but an actual tour can give you a much better sense of what you’ll be getting. For example, on Camelot Place’s website, you can view floor plans for our 1, 2, and 3-bedroom apartments in Saginaw, MI, but you would miss out on seeing other amenities. Here are some of the top reasons you shouldn’t skip out on an apartment tour!

#1: Get to Know the Area
If you don’t already live near your new apartment complex, then a tour gives you a chance to see the general area you’ll be living in. You’ll get a feel for whether it’s more urban or suburban. You can also check out the major roads nearby to help you with commuting or other travel. If you’re anxious about keeping up with your health routine, then you can rest easy at Camelot Place. Take a short 4-minute drive to the Saginaw Athletic Club and experience not only typical gym features like cardio stations and weights but also a large area featuring field turf and 4 indoor tennis courts.

#2: Explore Nearby Hotspots
Everyone has certain things they like to have near home. For some, it could be a great coffee shop. For others, it could be the ideal park for walks or runs. Whatever the case may be, you can spend a little time before or after your tour checking out your options. Visit a restaurant or take a stroll through a shopping district. At Camelot Place, you’re right by downtown Saginaw, so you have lots of restaurants and retail locations to choose from and can even tap into your “wild side” at the Saginaw Children’s Zoo! You can visit penguins, alpacas, owls, alligators, and more, all less than 10 minutes away.

#3: Experience the Neighborhood
Every neighborhood has its own “vibe,” and a tour lets you not only see the unit but see the neighborhood it’s a part of. This is a great time to check out things like sidewalk access if you like to go for walks or access to public transportation and parking. Think about what some of your priorities may be and look for those features. If you like a cozy, quiet feel, you may look for more landscaping and open spaces. If you like a more urban or social feel, you may look for a neighborhood that encourages a lot of resident interaction. Camelot Place has a great balance of both. A short drive brings you to downtown Saginaw, and just a 3-minute drive brings you to the Woodland Trail –one of the most popular trailheads at the Shiawassee National Wildlife Refuge–for a bit of time away in nature.

#4: Ask Questions as You Go
Before you move into your apartment, you’ll likely have a lot of questions, but it’s easy to forget some important ones when you’re on a phone call. When you take a tour in person, you can bring a list of questions with you so you feel prepared. Maybe you’ll notice things in person that you didn’t find on the website and want to learn more. The tour gives you the flexibility to ask anything and have an expert there with the answers.

#5: The Floor Plan Flow
A floor plan can tell you a lot about an apartment, but it can’t tell you everything. When you take a tour, you can get a “feel” for how the apartment’s floor plan may work for you. You can even bring a tape measure with you to check out what size furniture you can fit. You can also visit more than one floor plan. Even if they have the same number of bedrooms or bathrooms, the setup could be vastly different.

#6: The Unit Amenities
It’s likely that you researched the amenities in your apartment unit, but that doesn’t give you the full experience. When you take a tour, you can open the cabinets and closets and see the extra details that may not be shown on the website. You could find hidden bonuses, like some of the units at Camelot Place that feature a balcony.

#7: The Community Amenities
One of the biggest reasons to take a tour of a potential new apartment is the community amenities. An apartment community’s website may provide a list of what they offer, but it’s much different to experience it in person. You can see how close an amenity is to your potential unit, how accessible it is during the week and weekends, and more.

If you’re looking at Saginaw apartments for rent, then you should take a tour at Camelot Place. Part of what makes us unique is our extensive list of community amenities. You can enjoy access to an indoor pool, a spa, a sauna, a fitness center, and more! Ready to take a tour and see for yourself? Then give us a call at (989)-623-4153.