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Summer to Fall Wardrobe Tips

The time is quickly approaching when menus and stores will be full of colors, smells, and flavors celebrating fall. It’s natural to want your wardrobe to match that magical fall feeling, but let’s be honest. Chunky sweaters are not exactly what you want to wear when temperatures are still in the 70s and 80s. If you live at Camelot Place, our apartments in Saginaw, MI are located close to plenty of top shopping spots, so you can easily go on the hunt for some perfect summer-to-fall pieces. But what should you shop for? Check out these simple tips to bring on fall without breaking a sweat!

#1: Color
This is the quickest and easiest way to signal that fall is here and summer is out the door. Instead of vibrant, bright colors, start opting for deeper jewel tones and earthy tones. For example, instead of a bright red, try a deep wine red shirt or accent piece to give that touch of autumn to your look. Other popular color choices include shades of brown, deep orange, sage and hunter green, gold/goldenrod, and deep teal.

#2: Textures
A chunky sweater may not be the right texture for the hotter parts of the season, but you can still bring that feel of fall in other ways. You can start opting for more knits but stick to lighter options or even something with a wide, open weave. It’ll look like a sweater but give you plenty of airflow. You can also add touches of leather and suede.

#3: Pattern
No pattern screams “fall” as much as plaid, but no one is quite ready to put on their favorite flannel just yet. Instead, add a touch of plaid. You could do a scarf, handbag, headband, or even a fun pair of socks. Pick a plaid that has those classic fall colors, and you’ll definitely achieve that autumn look effortlessly.

#4: Shapes
Another fast way to signal that seasons are changing is by opting for new lengths and shapes. Summer is usually about more fitted, shorter pieces. Instead, start going for more length and less form-fitting structures. For example, you could wear a light maxi skirt with a t-shirt or tank in fall tones. It will keep your outfit hot weather-friendly but give it that fall edge. As for structure, start going for more flowy options. Instead of a fitted pair of pants, go for something with a relaxed fit in earth tones.

#5: Layers
Usually, you think of layers as being for warmth only, but you can layer without insulating extra heat. One clever layering option for fall is a kimono-style wrap. Get it in fall colors, and you can slip it on over a dress or just a t-shirt and jeans. Another clever option is a lightweight blazer in a classic fall color like fawn. You can choose a fabric like cotton so it’s breathable. Finally, you can’t beat a good denim jacket. You can always keep it close at hand for the cooler parts of the day and take it off during the worst of any heat.

#6: Shoes
Start saying goodbye to your sandals and make the move to some fall-friendly pairs. Of course, it’s not time to break out full-on boots just yet. There are some other choices that can give you that fall feel. Go for flats instead of flip-flops. You can also wear a pair of booties in a seasonal color but opt for open toes. They do a great job of riding that line between summer and fall.

#7: Accessories
If the weather is absolutely not on your side, then you can always resort to using accessories to bring the fall flavor. Add a bold leather belt, a dashing scarf, or just start switching your colors. You can also try out wearing a dashing autumn-inspired hat. It will give that seasonal element but actually is quite practical for a sunny day.

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