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Making a Pool Workout

If you have easy access to a pool, then you have everything you need to make an impactful and simple workout routine. Working out in the pool has a huge range of benefits. It takes pressure off of your joints, including your back, so it’s perfect for anyone who has ongoing problems with pain, is recovering from surgery or injury, or for someone who just wants a low-impact option. It will be even more relaxing if you start with an indoor heated pool like the one at Camelot Place, apartments in Saginaw, MI. If you’re ready to get started with your pool exercise routine, then read on!

#1: Use What You Know

A pool workout routine doesn’t have to involve a huge collection of new exercises. There are actually quite a few familiar workouts that you can easily do in a pool. Here are a few to get you started:

  • Pushups: start at the side of the pool, place your hands about shoulder width apart with arms straight, extend your legs behind you while still touching the bottom, then slowly lower your upper body until your elbows are at a 90-degree angle
  • Jumping jacks: start with water that reaches your chest, then do a classic jumping jack, starting with your legs straight and touching the bottom, arms at your sides, then with momentum, jump your legs out to the side, wider than hip-width apart, while also bringing your arms straight up above your head
  • Jogging/walking: start with water that comes to your waist or chest, and then jog or walk in one direction and come back, and alternate directions for extra engagement (forward backward, sideways)

#2: Add Resistance

To take your pool exercise to the next level, you can add a few simple pieces of equipment. Each one adds some resistance so that you can make your workout more challenging:

  • Pool noodle: can be used to provide resistance during different exercises or help support you as you swim, walk, or jog across the pool
  • Kickboard: adds resistance as you swim, walk, or jog across the pool, can also be used for added resistance and support when doing different kicking exercises
    Foam dumbbells: adds extra weight for any arm exercises
  • Ankle weights: adds extra weight for any leg exercises, including walking, jogging, and swimming

#3: Target Your Arms

Toning your arms in the pool is easier than you may think, even without foam dumbbells. Here are a few simple exercises with big results:

  • Tricep dips: sit on the edge of the pool with your hands palm down, fingers gripping the edge slightly to your side, slowly lower your body into the water until your elbows form a 90-degree angle, then lift yourself back out using your arm strength alone
  • Reverse fly: start by standing with your legs about shoulder width apart, bend slightly in your knees, tilt your torso forward, arms straight in front of you, palms towards your body, then slowly raise your arms to the sides while keeping them straight

#4: Target Your Legs

There is so much you can do in the pool to work your legs, not just swimming. Here are some good options to get started:

  • Scissor kicks: start on the edge of the pool, shoulders against the edge and arms all the way out to the sides, inch your legs out until they’re straight, feet together, then slowly lift both legs, toes pointed, and alternate small kicks while keeping your legs straight
  • Lunges: start with your legs shoulder width apart, then take a forward lunge by pushing one leg forward and leaning into that knee but not so far that your knee goes past your toes, then alternate legs or even repeat the move to the side for side lunges

One of the best ways to start a pool exercise routine is to start with a convenient location. At Camelot Place, our Saginaw apartments include access to an indoor heated pool year-round. We also offer our residents access to other top amenities like a fitness center, dog park, putting green, and more. Call to schedule a tour: (989) 623-4153